News Roundup for October 9th, 2014

If You Build It, They Will Come

Grab your marker pens and nippers because Bandai is accepting submissions for their Gunpla photo album! Send your best creation into the mix, scope out the competition and if you're lucky your Master Grade masterpiece will be featured on the Gundam Build Fighters Try homepage.

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Catch Your Muse

Though I still mourn the death of the Dreamcast, prize figures like these help me cope with the fact that SEGA stopped making consoles to focus on arcades. While the coin-operated scene may be in a downturn it's still a vital market. That's why we get new goodies in the UFO catchers each month!

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Say My Name

Sub-character seiyuu supreme Yuka Ootsuba has been busy in the record studio with Vocaloid composer Yuuyu-P ("Shinkai Shoujo") and now they want your help to name the mascots for their unit, SmileY inc. Got a fitting call sign for this girl and her bunny? Then tweet @smileYinc_PR with #スマイリー名前.

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Still no Ridley

Nintendo continues its character crossover business model by announcing a Metroid-themed missions and costumes for the upcoming 3DS title, Monster Hunter 4G. I just hope my meaty male character can squeeze into the Zero Suit without tearing it.

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Norio Wakamoto in Spaaaaace

Inspector-General of the Gamilas Central Army Zoellick Helm is practically spitting into the view screen he's so passionate about the Blu-ray/DVD release of the compilation film Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Voyage of Remembrance. Don't let him know that an all-new adventure, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Star-Voyaging Ark, heads to theaters on December 6th. The excitement would give him a stroke.

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Pound It

Japan is yet to record a case of Ebola but is suffering from kabe-don fever. Confectionery company Morinaga has developed a vaccine that they'll administer to anyone who purchases their new Cafe Marriage line of pudding cups at the cafe SoLaDo Harajuku from October 11th to 17th. Let their handsome CPR dummy acclimate you to the male gaze so you don't freeze when faced with the real thing.

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