News Roundup for October 6th, 2014

Wonderful Everyday

Trigger's new show Inou Battle with Everyday Life debuts tonight. Were they able take the mundane and make it as extraordinary as their previous efforts? If these countdown sketches from animator Kengo Saito's Twitter (@kengo1212) are any indication my vote is for a big yes!


We still don't know what Durarara!! means but we do know that the tales about the most dangerous dudes in Ikebukuro will return to the screen for three, YES THREE(!), seasons starting this January. Whether or not we ever get down to the bottom of the title (or that new character) in 30 some odd episodes or not remains a mystery. Enjoy the first trailer!

The Object of My Affliction

Sure, this isn't the Index sequel fans were hoping for. Who cares? With luck Heavy Object won't be the last series of Kazuma Kamachi's light novel back catalogue to get the anime treatment! But seriously--hurry the heck up and give us Index III, too.

The NERV of Some People

My favorite Shinji cosplayer will always be Boner Robin, though Tales of Zestiria's Sorey comes in at a close second with the help of an Evangelion DLC pack. The game drops in January 2015 but the Seele council still hasn't announced their grand scheme for pricing or release of the costume DLC.

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