Weekly Illustration: Tricks and Treats

Message from illustrator Chaa:

October can only mean one thing--Halloween!! Now that it’s all the rage here in Japan stores are already putting out the decorations and costumes. It’s got me so excited I already did an Amico Halloween illustration! With this magical girl you get tricks and treats! (*´ω`*)

Last week's illustration with fan comments:

>Wow cute I like
>Lil's expression is a cute as ever

Thanks for commenting! I did my best to give her a giant smile so I'm glad you liked it.

>She'd better not dance in that outfit or else!

Uh-oh, good point! Idols need to dance, though. What to do, what to do...

>Amico has those things on her head so let's keep the cows there for Lil. They suit her character.

Hrm, now that you mention it maybe I should give Lil some sort of hairpin ( ・`ω・´;) At the very least I have to stop forgetting to draw her ahoge in!

Thanks again, see you next time!