News Roundup for October 3rd, 2014

One Timepiece Every Fan Needs

One Piece Seiko watch

Take your place as pirate king with this Seiko watch that celebrates the 15th anniversary of One Piece. A recent survey (sorry, Japanese only) reveals that a higher yearly income makes you less likely to read Shonen Jump so I wonder who will be footing the 48,384 yen price tag.

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Practice Your Cadence

The upcoming Yowamushi Pedal 3DS title throws Sohoku and Hakone Gakuen members into the same training camp for red-hot boy-on-boy rivalry. See them crank the trash talk into high gear when the game hits on January 29th

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Oh Miso Hungry

Marukome makes the highest quality miso using only organic ingredients, not to mention heart-warming anime commercials. Their latest has mom help her daughters cook for dad who works away from home. The secret ingredient: love. And MSG. If the miso soup tastes saltier than normal it's because papa is crying into it.

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Next-gen Clipart

Final Fantasy XV clipart

Know how people have been shooping the dude-bro crew of the Final Fantasy XV trailer into all sorts of wacky situations? Well Square-Enix proves that corporations are people after all by releasing PNGs of the footage for forum goons to play with. Next stop on the job ride: The limits of human imagination.


Mystery Meat

Tokyo Ghoul teaser

Tokyo Ghoul has finished it's run in Young Jump but author Sui Ishida isn't done yet. The final volume of the manga and Ishida's art book come out on October 17th and the magazine's homepage teases that the details of his next project will be revealed with them. Maybe it's a crossover sequel with his old web manga? I'd mention the name, but Ami Blog is a family-friendly outlet.

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