News Roundup for October 28th, 2014

Pastel Prize Figures

Sailor Moon galaxxxy prize figure
Sailor Moon galaxxxy prize figure2

It's nice being able to choose the figure you want but sometimes you 'gotta let go and leave it up to destiny. That's why super rad apparel maker galaxxxy is teaming up with Sailor Moon for this new line of cotton-candy colored Ichibankuji character goods. Don't spend your lunch money gambling when they hit hobby shops mid-November. Sailor Moon says! Teehee. Hohohohoho!

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Tasty Treats for Madoka Fans

Kyubey meat bun
Madoka prize figure

The Law of Cycles dictates that we're due for another Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Lawson collaboration. From November 4th the convenience store chain will offer Kyubey meat buns and original character goods including this figure of Madoka wearing a Bebe t-shirt. Supplies are limited so line up early. At least you'll have plenty of Incubators to keep you warm.

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Yatterman Rises

Yoru no Yatterman

Superheroes are all getting a dark makeover these days so it was only a matter of time before Japan fell into step and turned grim. Tatsunoko will be remaking their classic comedy Yatterman as Yoru no Yatterman and the first key visual reveals what I assume to be realistic re-imaginings of the bumbling henchmen Tonzura and Boyacky. Can their boss, Doronjo, get any more hardcore than her dominatrix outfit already is? Get your parent's permission before you check back on November 10th for more info.

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Next Best Thing to a Castlevania Anime

Seraph of the End vampire anime

A mysterious virus has brought humanity to the edge of extinction and now the survivors are hunted by a growing army of vampires. No, it's not another remake of I Am Legend, it's Seraph of the End, a dark fantasy manga that's been green-lit for an anime adaptation from Wit Studio and Daisuke Tokudo (episode director on Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan). Cross your heart and hope it hits the air in 2015.

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Pop and Lock Your Way to Prison

Not even anthropomorphic junk food is exempt from copyright law. The new Eiga Dorobo anti-piracy campaign reminds us that while the Japanese government has lifted the ban on dancing, watching movies on your computer without paying for them is still a crime. I love Eiga Dorobo's funky moves, but maybe they should worry about creating something worth stealing first.

There's Two Types of People in This World

Uke Seme mug cups

Let your coworkers know if you're an uke or seme with these kanji mugs from hipster knick-knack shop Village Vanguard. Too shy to let sempai know how you feel? Well, you could keep them in the cupboard at home, but if you're making morning coffee for a guest, chances are they already know which cup you drink from.

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