News Roundup for October 24th, 2014

Special Delivery

Kiki's Delivery Service

Send something sweeter than candy on Halloween with this Kiki's Delivery Service flower basket. Unfortunately the reservation form is Japanese only and credit card is the only payment option so you may need to work some magic to order.

Official homepage:

First World Problems

Sword Art Online Sinon

Craneking, you 'gotta stop. You're putting out awesome UFO catcher figures faster than I can collect them all. I don't even have time for rhythm games these days. Life in Japan isn't as easy as it seems, dear reader.

Official homepage:

MKR Revival

Magic Knight Rayearth
Magic Knight Rayearth Makona

Travel back to Cephiro (and the mid-90s) with these Magic Knight Rayearth plush UFO catcher prizes. As a tween I wanted to go on adventures with Hikaru but now that I'm old and broke I can appreciate a lazy Sunday morning spent reading with the Fuu-ster. Anime honoriffics have come so far...

Official homepage:

Master of Cardboard Metallurgy

Twitter user DarkKnightArmer has a fully stocked armory to validate his hyper-tough handle name. His latest is Ed's automail arm from Fullmetal Alchemist but you should go through his archives for everything from Mobile Suits to full suits of armor.


Up Your Cadence

Yowamushi Line stamps

Stick your tongue out at the rest of your friends with these Yowamushi Pedal line stickers. Please don't text and drive, but if you insist on endangering the public for the sake of convenience, at least wear a helmet.

Official homepage: