News Roundup for October 22nd, 2014

Miku RPG is Music to My Ears

Hatsune Miku RPG

Get your headphones ready because the smartphone music RPG, Hatsune Miku Graphy Collection: Nazo no Ongaku Suisei, is right around the corner. Collect items during the grid-based quest mode, battle bosses with cards you collect and customize Miku's wardrobe to boost your stats. Pre-register now for a super-awesome-hyper-shiny SR+ card and go from noob to OP faster than your friends.

Official homepage:

It's a Wonderful Life

Voice actress Moe Toyota lives up to her name on the track "F♥ School Days," the image song for her character in Jinsei, Fumi Kujo. The lo-fi mune-kyun banger is on a CD included with Volume 2 of the Blu-ray/DVD or you can check out a preview--along with a handful of gags--in the clip above.

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Paradise Found

Gen Urobuchi's new sci-fi flick Expelled from Paradise sure makes the apocalypse look pretty. When the surface of the planet is ravaged by nanomachines the survivors digitize their brains and upload themselves to the cloud--a perfect plan until hackers on the ground threaten a data wipe. Our heroine Angela is given a physical body to return to the surface and investigate. See if she, her partner Dingo and his acoustic guitar have what it takes to survive when the film arrives in Japanese theaters on November 15th

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A Bullseye for Fans of Ecchi Action

ISUCA anime key visual

Mild-mannered high school student Shinichiro has no defining features whatsoever so it's a good thing he's shacking up with Sakuya, the latest in a long line of demon hunters who fight with enchanted bows. See them battle with the most dangerous monster of all--cheeky sexual situations!--when the anime adaptation of Isuca arrives in 2015.

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Tied to Azu-nyan

K-On! Azusa tie

The worst part about working a 9-to-5--aside from it being a job--is the separation anxiety caused from being away from my waifu. Nijigen Cospa has just the prescription for my disorder. These K-On! ties hide an illustration of your favorite girl on the back so I can sneak to the bathroom for my private after school teatime anytime. I don't take cigarette breaks so at least allow me that much!

Official homepage:

The Samuride of a Lifetime

Keiichiro Kimura
Go! Samurai

Animation OG Keiichiro Kimura (Tiger Mask, Cyborg 009) wants you to help fund his new short film, Go! Samurai. Most animators die from overwork before they reach retirement age but at 76 Kimura looks as spry and dangerous as when he first brought rock & roll sensibilities to the screen in the 60s. Donate to his Kickstarter or he might kick your teeth in.

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