GGO Disassembled at SAO Exhibit

Sword Art Online continues to be a crowd-pleaser in Japan. Case in point: we visited the Tokyo Anime Center exhibit and it was totally packed on a weekday! You'll understand why once you see these photos of the slick presentation.

The event was focused on GGO to promote the current TV series but still had plenty of key visuals from the other modules. It's part retrospective, part preview. Ah, Saturday night feels so far away when you're waiting for the next episode...

Here you go, everything you wanted to know about Gun Gale Online's armaments but were afraid to ask. Realism counts, even in an anime based on a light novel about virtual reality gaming, so I hope the animators are counting the number of bullets left in the clip. I know I will!

Never bring a knife to a gun fight, unless it's an enchanted blade of asswhoop+10. This replica of Holy Sword Excalibur, not to mention Asuna and Yuuki's blades, fit the bill. Still, I can't get over the size of Sinon's PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II sniper rifle. Cocking the bolt must be as satisfying as hitting a target between the eyes from across the environment.

Event dates: October 15th-October 26th
Address: 4-14-1 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Akihabara UDX Building 4F
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed Monday
Official homepage: