News Roundup for October 20th, 2014

Precious Moments

Shinji and Yui figure

Relive the one day in Shinji's life that didn't suck with these Evangelion Ichiban Kuji prize figures based on scenes from Sadamoto's manga. Look for them on November 20th along with the final volume of the manga. Sorry kid, this scene isn't from the TV series so as far as Hideaki Anno is concerned, it never happened.

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Star Potential

The new Macross project is looking for a new galactic diva! Could it be you? Check back to the official site early November for how to apply. Until then we'll try to figure out how you pronounce MacrossΔ. Macross Delta? Macross Triangle? With a pretentious alt code in the title Director Shoji Kawamori will be anime's biggest poser if he doesn't put some witch house on the soundtrack.

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Freestyle Free Association

Korosensei lays down some thick jams for his students to spread the word about how they want to kill him in this new trailer for Assassination Classroom. The kids associate him with tako-yaki, revenge and murder but all I can think of is money. The show's guaranteed to be a hit when it airs next January.

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served With High Explosives

Monokuma prize figure

Ever want to beat the stuffing out of Monokuma? Now you can with the latest round of Danganronpa prize figures. If you win one and decide to shove firecrackers down its throat, please put it on Youtube so I can live vicariously through you.

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Fashion Otaku

Persona 4 hoodie

Cosplay everyday with these stylin' duds from ACOS. The pop designs let you pass unnoticed in public but fellow otaku will immediately pick you out of the crowd as a DRRR!! or Persona fan. Pick up a set or you'll feel naked without them.

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Moe, Mecha and More

Chapter 6 of Patlabor: The Next Generation delivers hot Labor-on-Labor action along with a flashback that shows leading lady Erina Mano in a schoolgirl uniform. We've got all your kinks covered when it hits Japanese theaters on November 29th.

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