Night Raid's Recruiting at Akame ga Kill Exhibit

Akame ga Kill! was last season's go-to show for gorehounds although now it has serious competition from Parasyte and Terraformars. So take your pick: do you want a blood-splattered past, present or future? Of course, Akame offers more character coupling options than the other titles and Akihabara GAMERS has the full cast on display to fuel your slash fiction.

Akame ga Kill character design

Now that the show has a full season under its belt the producers are ready to release a slew of still frames and designs to the public. If you ever wanted a better look at Teigu mechanics, here's your chance. Though I still have no idea how Koro is supposed to work.

Artists from Gangan Joker, Akame ga Kill!'s parent publication, drew up their support. I recognize Maybe (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) and Midori Endo (Gugure! Kokkuri-san). How many manga-ka can you spot?

The fans have spoken: Everyone's in love with Esdeath! Though you shouldn't get too attached to any one character. Fate catches up to all of us at some point, though some have a more gruesome time of it than others. At least the TV broadcast has the decency to censor the gore and lessen the blow. Say your good-byes during the opening credits--you might not get another chance.