Barakamon Exhibit Offers a Taste of the Countryside in the Big City

The #1 summer series voted by niconico users may have ended but Handa and friends continue to charm. To cope with withdrawal the AmiAmi Blog team joined the rest of the city slicker fans at the Barakamon exhibit in Shibuya’s Marui City. The exhibit has since come to an end but we did our best to bring some of that fresh country air back for you.

Visitors were greeted by large posters and animation panels after stepping off the elevator on the 9th floor of Marui City. The entire exhibit was very photo-friendly so we got in tons of snaps.

Works created for the series by master calligrapher Ungai Hara were displayed prominently. Fans will instantly recognize the “tanoshii” kanji from the first episode and the villagers’ names from the emotional conclusion. Check out Hara-sensei’s Facebook page for some working samples too!

Other displays included sketches of Handa and Naru, a model of Miwa and Tama’s hideout, er, I mean Handa’s home, and audio recording scripts.

Jibun rashisa tte nanda?” Sketches used in the production of the opening animation sequence lined the walls and you could just hear the opening song playing as Naru opens the sliding door.

Recognize that? It’s the onde dance costume Hiroshi wore in the 8th episode! This isn’t something city guys and gals get to see every day.

The goods corner offered items from the series as well as souvenirs from Goto City in Nagasaki. The series is such a hit that a number of items were already sold out by the time we got there!

We mustn’t forget that all the staff involved with Barakamon are also fans of the series themselves! Opening theme song artist SUPER BEAVER held a free live on the 5th and left their mark on a poster. Child actress Suzuko Hara, the voice of Naru, stopped by too.

Other notable visitors included Barakamon author Satsuki Yoshino, director Masaki Tachibana, series composition and script writer Pierre Sugiura, and voice actress Nozomi Furuki (Miwa). Even Goto City mascot character Tsubakineko came to show its support!

Like the anime series, the Barakamon exhibit has already ended but the ongoing manga and spin-off Handa-kun leave us hope for a second season. Stay baraka until then!

Event dates: October 3rd-October 13th, 2014
Address: 1-22-6 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku Tokyo Shibuya Marui 9F
Hours: 11:00-21:00 (20:30 on Sundays/holidays)
Official homepage: