News Roundup for October 15th, 2014

Don't Forget the Feather Duster

Attack on Titan Chibi Kyun Chara

Levi's teammates get shrunk down to his size for this new line of Chibi Kyun Chara UFO catcher prizes. Be sure to save the boxes: they hook up to form the abandoned castle HQ. I'm 'gonna let mine get all dusty so I can have Levi bully the other characters into cleaning!

Official homepage:

Mobile Suits Refitted For Civilian Life

Gundam Ichiban Kuji Acguy

Ichiban Kuji celebrates the 35th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam with master grade character goods. You can keep the same old Char and RX-78 figures, I'm in it for the kitchenware. Let me know if anyone has an MSM-04 Acguy hotpot they're willing to trade.

Official homepage:

A Smorgasboard of Gory Flash Animation

Tokyo Ghoul AMV

Weekly Young Jump, the magazine serializing Tokyo Ghoul, held an AMV contest in September and now the finalists are on Niconico Douga for the world to see. Creator Gyudon's first place finish won him more than street cred--he was awarded the opportunity to create an animated ad for the series! Watch for it in December during the Terraformars commercial break.

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Authenticate Your Faustian Contract

Black Butler name stamp

The cast of Black Butler: Book of Circus is here to ensure that your affairs are in order with these ita-indo otaku name stamps. For those of you living in Japan you can even use them at the bank. If anyone gives you weird looks, relax--they're probably just jealous.

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The Red Jacket Was at the Cleaners

New Lupin anime

Get the gang back together because here comes the first mainline Lupin III TV series in 30 years! (Apparently The Woman Called Fujiko Mine doesn't count because it cut the humor from the hard-boiled dialogue.) The upcoming caper is set in the Republic of San Mariona, a microstate surrounded by Italy that's home to monks, rugged mountains and aerial cable cars. We'll see how the pieces fall into place when it airs next year.

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