Preview: Koedarize Free! 6 Pack BOX by Kotobukiya

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

Hi, it's AmiAmi Otome back with more Koedarize cuteness! This time around Kotobukiya gave the Koeda treatment to the already super cute characters from Free!ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ

Koedarize Free! 6 Pack BOX [Kotobukiya]

First up is he show's star Haruka. No matter how super deformed you make him you just can't get this guy to smile. And that's why we love him!♪

Makoto, on the other hand, stays as sweet as can be in SD!

Leave it to Nagisa-kun to have the prettiest colorway! The sweater under his blazer is a nice touch, but not as nice as that little mouth!(●´ω`●)

I can hear Rei complimenting his own figure in my head, and with good reason! He's beautiful!! I especially love the little spikes in the back of his hair♪. Of course he's also the only character to have his jacket properly buttoned, lol!

Rin's school uniform is every girl's dream--a white gakuran! Or is that just me? Either way he wears it well!

Last up is Rin's younger sister and Iwatobi swim club manager Gou-chan! Her trademark ponytail almost looks as adorable as her Koedarized eyes♪

And there you have it, all six characters☆ミ


Like with all Koedarize figures you can spin their heads around for a second expression!


The standard expressions are lovely. These are hyper genki poses are even lovlier!

(*´艸`*)。o○(They even got Haruka to smile, sort of!!)

Put them side by side to reenact scenes from the show. Makoto and Haruka chatting on the way home from school, Nagisa and Rei messing around at lunch, the Matsuoka siblings ribbing each other… Be still my heart!!

I'll close with a group shot. Like all friends they're best when all together☆

Mata ne! (=∀=)/

Koedarize Free! 6 Pack BOX [Kotobukiya]


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.
*Figures are randomly assorted from six types.