Join the Little Busters! Team at Cure Maid Cafe

Little Busters! Refrain knocked it out of the park last season with it's divisive ending, and now Cure Maid Cafe, Akihabara's original maid cafe, is celebrating the Blu-ray and DVD release with a limited-edition menu.

Even with our destination in mind, the streets of Akihabara had no problem sending us curve balls. Stop to admire the new Yamato 2199 Girls Collection figures or watch the promo for the IDOLM@STER movie and the next thing you know it's time for last train! Gotta keep moving.

...or so I say, until the Little Busters! display at Cospa caught my eye. If you decide to live the dream and play baseball in uniform, I'd advise against sliding into home unless you're comfortable with cleaning costs.

After an afternoon's worth of distractions, we arrived. Cure Maid Cafe is located on the 6th floor and lines can run all the way down the stairs, so be prepared to wait.

Our first plate was a grand slam! The bat was a juicy piece of shrimp tempura, the pitcher's mound was a heaping of rice, the hamburg a catcher's mitt and the baseball was a fish cake with seaweed stitching.

Look what the fat cat dragged in. The golden brown taiyaki might look like a fish, but it's actually stuffed with sweat red bean paste. As for Dorj, it turns out that this plump tabby is filled with custard. Unfortunately Rin's Hitler cat wasn't on the menu.

This strawberry and rose ole had my mouth exclaim, "Wafu!" The slightly sour concoction was topped with a white chocolate wafter done up like Kud's trademark floppy hat.

Finally, this mango juice steamer was the perfect pick-me-up on this rainy January day. Dorj looked up at us from the chocolate latte art with understanding eyes. He's seen better days as well.

Each item from the limited-edition menu comes with one of two varieties of postcards. What are you waiting for? Get the team together and head over for a pancake party. Remember, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's having enough friends to play!

Event runs from January 24th to February 11th.
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