Review: PPP - Soul Eater: Maka Albarn 1/8 Complete Figure by MEDICOM TOYS

Your soul is mine!


Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. Back in December I teased the first figure in MEDICOM TOYS’ new PPP(PERFECT POSING PRODUCTS) line. Well, now I am back with a full review! Read on for lots of shots and incredible details we couldn't show you the last time around.

PPP - Soul Eater: Maka Albarn 1/8 Complete Figure [MEDICOM TOYS]

First off, this baby is HUGE! 1/8 figures are usually easy on storage space, but as you can see Maka demands her share of your shelf. More on that later in the review.

The figure is based on Maka's one-star meister attire with the long coat and best bud/giant scythe, Soul Eater. I think that like me fans are most familiar with this early design.

Standing 30cm from base to tip of scythe, this is one tall figure. Due to the way she is holding Soul Eater it also fills quite a lot of space in every which direction.


Don't let the sick, sick scythe distract you from how awesome Maka looks! You can feel her soul coming right out of the photos as she prepares to ruin someones day with scythe in hand.

Despite how intense the front is, the back is where this figure really shines! Maka herself only measure 15cm tall because of her wide battle stance. Her coat more than makes up for the small stature by whipping around and screaming with a soul all its own.

MEDICOM TOY chose none other than bishojo figure 3-star meister Hiroshi (Sakura Zensen) to launch their PPP line! Only an artisan of his caliber would be able to pull off the simple designs of Soul Eater while adding so much explosive 3D movement.


When poppy cartoonish designs are properly sculpted they sing like no other. This is one of the best examples to date.

I especially love Maka's intense snarl proving that bishojo don't always have to be prim and proper sex bombs. It's as if she is saying "there's a time to be cute and a time to be cruel, ladies!"


The way her pleated skirt spins along with her coat is utterly amazing! Note that the inner lining of the coat is a different color, just like in the series. It's the little details that count most!

MEDICOM TOYS takes little details to the next level, though, as seen in her gloves and buttons. This figure is as much about the minutia as it is about the motion.

Soul Eater has also been masterfully recreated right down to the ultra precise placement of the blade's zigzag pattern. The intimate relationship between the meister and death weapon really comes through in this sculpt.

Another tiny detail that adds a giant sense of urgency to the scene is the cracks in the checkered base. Things like this allow us to appreciate figures from literally all 360 degrees, not just the front and back.

Forget appearances, it's the soul inside that counts!

PPP is aiming to be the best from the very first release!

MEDICOM TOYS wasn't fooling around when the make the move into the scale figure world. As the name implies, Perfect Posing Products are just that--PERFECT! For every millimeter of space this humongous figure takes up there is an equal amount of soul to the character and pose. You also have to give them credit not taking the easy way out and giving her a full scale Soul Eater.

Your soul is mine in July 2014!

PPP - Soul Eater: Maka Albarn 1/8 Complete Figure [MEDICOM TOY]

-Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure

-1/8 Scale, 300mm Tall (165mm tall without scythe)

-Sculpt and decorated master: Hiroshi (Sakura Zensen)

-July 2014 Planned Release


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.