IDOLM@STER Movie Turns the Theater Into a Concert Stage

Catch the girls of 765 Production as they walk down the red carpet! The Wald 9 cinema in Shinjuku is celebrating the January 25th release of the IDOLM@STER film with standees, posters and decorations that will have you seeing stars.

We arrived early to beat the crowd so we took a break in the upstairs cafe. SD illustrations of the cast decorated the tables and even hung from the chandeliers. I wanted something sour to go with my sweet strawberry limited-edition drink so we took the table with Iori-chan.

It was a bit chilly out to be sipping on something with ice, but ordering the drink lets you enter a raffle to win a B2 sized movie poster. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

765 Production is making a major push for the film with giant banners in Shinjuku and this one in Akihabara. The movie has the girls training for their first arena concert--a breakthrough moment in an idol's career--so it’s only appropriate that the adverts be as big as their aspirations. Your dream is our dream!