TOMYTEC 2014 Spring Preview (Part 2)

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Hello, Shizu-Mecha here.
To follow up our look at TOMYTEC's ground forces, this time we're focusing on their GiMIX plastic model kits from Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Are you ready to test pilot the F-15E and F-22?

I know many of our readers are mainly into scale figures, character goods, and video games, but plastic kits combine elements of each for a final result that you can truly call your own. The two items I'm about to introduce make a great crash course for beginners!

GiMIX Aircraft Series GiACE03 1/144 Ace Combat F-15E Garuda 1

The kit includes a card printed with the emblem of the Garuda Team showing off their three-star and mythical bird lord motif. Place the card under the craft and it looks just like a scene from the game.

The inside of the clear canopy is there in all its 1/144 glory. They don't scrimp on detail, even at this miniature size.

The F-15E's characteristic speed break located just behind the cockpit can be set as either open or closed when you build the kit.

GiMIX Aircraft Series GiACE04 1/144 Ace Combat F-22 Mebius 1

GiMix 04.jpg
GiMix 04b.jpg

We can't let the Garuda hog all the glory! Our next slick craft should be a welcome sight for fans of the series.

Personally I put more time into Ace Combat 4 and 5 than I like to admit...
The sharp profile of the jet's body gives me goosebumps. 
The kit gives you the option to open or close the weapon bay and canopy. 

Both kits perfectly capture the streamlined form of this jet-speed birds of pray. The landing gear can be folded up into the body so you can display the craft in flight with the pack-in base!

I know what you're thinking...

( ・3・)These kits were put together and painted by pro modelers! Mine will never look that good!

Hold that thought. Now drop it! And kick it down the stairs! Then jump up and down on it until it stops squirming. Stop doubting yourself because your kit will end up looking like this...


GiMix 07.jpg


You heard me, the photos in this post are the product straight out of the box!

I nearly fell out of my chair when i opened them.
Althogh the model requires glue, it's super-easy to put together and even a newbie can get great results with a little bit of patience.
(Some of the markings are decales.)

"But Shizu-Mecha, glue is messy and my fingers end up stuck together." No worries! These kits use a squeeze-in system so you only need to pour the glue into specified areas. It changed the way I look at the world! (Of models, anyway...)

The real fearsome power behind these kits are their pre-painted sprues. You can see that the tire wheels and missile warheads are already painted different colors for you. 

The Mebius 1 is a different color than an actual F-22, but TOMYTEC has you covered with their awesome paint job.

TOMYTEC wants you to be able to build the kit to completion right out of the box. (Of course it's helpful to have tweezers for the delicate work.)

The kits look great outside the box, but the boxes themselves are just as awesome! Check out the full-color printing and viewing window o the bottom.
The instruction manual doubles as a chronicle of war history making for a gripping read. 
Packaging this gorgeous deserves to be displayed with the finished model. 

A fan of the game, but timid to step into the wild blue yonder of plastic models? These Mobius 1 and Garuda 1 kits make for a gentle test flight and come from an established manufacturer that promises to deliver quality that will please veteran builders. 

GiMIX Aircraft Series GiACE03 1/144 Ace Combat F-15E Garuda 1


GiMIX Aircraft Series GiACE04 1/144 Ace Combat F-22 Mebius 1


GiMIX Aircraft Series Light-Up Afterburner Unit for GiMIX F-15 Series 2 Piece Set


Plug in this bad boy and light up your after burners!
It's designed for the F-15 but is compatible with the Mebius 1 as well.
(Please note that you need to plug in the stand WHILE you are putting the kit together. It can be tricky getting it into a completed kit.)

Tamiya Cement (Pour-in type)


A must-have adhesive for your GiACE kits!
All you need to do is pour a dab of glue into the specified area and BAM, the model is as sturdy as steel! 

GT77 Mr.Fine Drill (w/0.5mm、0.6mm、0.8mm Drill Blades)


You'll need a 0.8mm fine drill (aka a "pinvise") to attach the bomb pylons on the F-15E Garuda 1.
So if you want to load that bird up explosive eggs, pick up this kit first!

Straight Tweezers


Tsuru Neck Tweezers


Perfect for those tight spaces! Both serve the same function, but some people prefer eight the straight neck or tsuru neck.
That's everything you need to start putting together your own squadron! 

*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.
*Maker has permitted AmiAmi to post the photos in this article.
*Product details are subject to change without warning.