Review: STREET FIGHTER Bishoujo - Cammy 1/7 Complete Figure by Kotobukiya

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This is Meshi, here to deliver a heaping helping of figure reviews.
Has it already been 20 years since Cammy exploded onto the arcade scene in Super Street Fighter II? She's managed to outlive the other new challengers and I dare say she's even more popular than most of the original lineup!
Let's dig in for a bishoujo take on everyone's favorite Shadowloo doll.  

STREET FIGHTER Bishoujo - Cammy 1/7 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

Strict military training leads to a hard mind and harder body! Those rock-hard thighs could crush a man's head like a melon. Speaking of melons, Cammy's chest is just compact enough to guarantee that she won't be bringing any loose cannons into battle.

Who paints camouflage on their exposed legs? A woman as bad-ass as Cammy, that's who! I always wondered if her high-cut leotard was standard issue equipment. That butt, on the other hand, is definitely one-of-a-kind!

Cammy is a lean, mean cannon striking machine! How she has the stamina to fight with less than 5% body fat is beyond me. This battle bishoujo could kick me to the curb without breaking a sweat--and I'd love every blow! So long as I got to grate cheese on her abs afterward. 

Remember to floss everyday, boys and girls! I'm no dentist so I can't comment on the health effects of using butt floss like Cammy's leotard, but I can say that it contributes to a healthy smile. Just don't get that string caught in your teeth because KER-POW! She's spinning around for a vicious backhand.

They teach all operatives how to tie survival knots and Cammy puts her knowledge to good cosmetic use. Her braids whip around to emphasize her path of action, giving the pose a new level of dynamism. Watch out for the snapback!

Flipping on the mood light brings out the the sinuous shadows. There's a ripple in her clothing for every dimple in her muscles. I haven't seen a figure with a body structure this accurate since my last biology class.

Hot damn! Oh, to be the size of a man's thumb so I might climb up the rocky folds of her shoulders. And should I fall, it's a slide down the folds of her leotard into the fleshy crack below. What, am I the only one that has fantasies about forty-foot women?

Cammy and Chun-li were made for each other. Both of these figures by Kotobukiya are begging to be posed together. It takes two to street fight!

STREET FIGHTER Bishoujo - Cammy 1/7 Complete Figure by Kotobukiya

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