Vocaloid Sweeter Than Ever

Hatsune Miku is everywhere. She’s in our ears and computer screens, on our t-shirts and figure shelves. Now the final component of our completely Miku-ified lifestyle has arrived--Vocaloid snacks!

Convenience store chain Family Mart is offering Hatsune Miku collaboration treats all through September. We couldn't resist buying a box of Mikkuri-Man, chocolate wafers that come with a bonus prism sticker of super deformed characters. The product is a play on Bikkuri-Man, a snack from the 80’s that sparked a pack-in candy toy boom and set the stage for collectible card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.

The Kyosokyoku series of wafers likewise contains a series of randomly inserted clear cards with illustrations by Suzunosuke. You’ll recognize the character designs from songs by Hitoshizuki-P and Yama△--a trio of collaborators brought together in one tasty package!

There was love for the other Vocaloids as well. Megurine Luka was ready to unleash her Double Lariat in the kitchen and whip up some fried rice, though it looks like Miku beat her to the punch and snuck in some chopped leeks.

Rounding out the current batch of sweet treats we have Milky, an aptly named hard milk candy. It comes packaged with a hologram card of the confectionery maker Fujiya’s mascot character, Peko-Chan, cosplaying as a Vocaloid. We got Luka...but beware, you never know where Mikudayo will pop out!  

If you'd rather collect character goods and figures rather than cards and stickers, the Happy Kuji prize raffle has you covered. An 800 yen ticket gives you a chance to win anything from Miku-emblazoned tote bags and clear files to Vocaloids dressed in the Family Mart uniform! We ended up with a GraPhig figure of Rin--yes, paper craft made plastic.

Check out the official homepage for prize details. You can't consider it gambling if you always win, right?