Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - Futayo Honda 1/8 Complete Figure

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Bursting straight from the pages and screen of the media franchise Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Vice Chancellor of Musashi Ariadust Academy is here with a bevy of equipment nearly as detailed as the curves of her body that are too tight for her clothing to conceal. If you've got a thing for gear or busty babes, read on!


This is Ginpatsuski, reporting for duty.

Even though the books come out bi-monthly, the wait for the second half of Volume Six felt like forever! I can’t wait to see how the battles will play out in this one.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - Futayo Honda 1/8 Complete Figure

Leader of the Mikawa Security Corps, Vice Chancellor of Musashi Ariadust Academy, and daughter of Tadakatsu Honda, one of the four divine Matsudaira kings, Futayo Honda’s reputation precedes her. A life of training for battle has made her into a meathead, though with her tendency to space out, even during a fight, she can be more of an airhead. 

In her right hand she wields Tonbokiri, a Divine Weapon handed down by her deceased father. Legend says that the blade is of such exquisite sharpness that a passing dragonfly was split in two for simply being in front of it. 

Depending on the skill of the user, the weapon can cut physical objects reflected in the blade, or intangible objects imagined by the user.

Taking a closer look at the tip of the spear we can see the word TONBO--Japanese for dragonfly--printed on the hilt. That’s one fearsome letter opener!

Enough about her armament, let’s admire the full figure. Her left hand is poised at the ready on the hilt of her uchigatana, face spinning to size us up. Couple this with her questioning gaze and billowing blue armor and you have one dignified femme fatale--until she opens her mouth, at least.

With the dynamic movement of her ponytail and skirt along with the dirt base to set the scene, you can practically hear the wind rolling through the wastelands. Or perhaps it’s a diorama of her epic battle with Muneshige Tachibana!

Her clothing design is typical of those from the Far East, though it has long sleeves and a blue band across the chest to differentiate her from other Musashi Ariadust Academy students. The light blue bands wrapped across her joints take a page from traditional samurai armor. 

The face looks just like it does in the anime! Re-reading the first two books, Futayo began as a bit standoffish, but that serious veneer was slowly eroded by her classmates. 

The uchigatana in the red scabbard around her waist is the very same that struck at Tadatsugu Sakai in Season One Episode Four. The Mikawa Security Corps are the only group authorized to carry weapons in Mikawa, and as their leader she is one of the few armed Far Easterners.

The round white mark near the mouth of the scabbard is the symbol of the Shirasago Guild, an affiliate of the Izumo Industrial Guild. Kotobukiya didn’t leave out any details, no matter how minute.

The series-defining Hard Points have been faithfully recreated in all the right places.

These devices serve multiple functions, including fasteners for clothing. The Hard Points affixed to the leotard, chest support, and flowing skirt perform their job magnificently. 

While art books provide a detailed look at the mechanics of Hard Points, this figure allows you to go one step deeper and examine the gear from any angle.

The individual strands that make up her flowing ponytail are tied off in a forked barrette. This is no mere hair accessory--its antenna move to reflect her mood.    

Futayo is near the top of her class when it comes to cup size. Her cleavage and the separation between chest and torso are laid bare to see even while clothed with a body that pushes Hard Points technology to its limit.

This last shot is special so we made the lighting moody to match. From the supple imprint of her bellybutton, chest pushed outward as if to crush us, and leggy leotard that goes on for miles, this low angle offers plenty to appreciate!

Futayo is a must-have for fans of the show, or anyone who can appreciate a banging body busting through fabric that clings on for dear life!

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere - Futayo Honda 1/8 Complete Figure

Maker: Kotobukiya

(C) Minori Kawakami, ASCII MEDIA WORKS, Kyokaisenjo no Horaizon Seisakuiinkai

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.