Enjoy Everything at the Yotsuba&! Cafe

Has it already been ten years since Yotsuba brought her whimsical world into ours? It’s easy to lose track of time when every day is the most enjoyable day. The Shibuya Parco Part-1 shopping mall is celebrating the manga’s 10th year anniversary with a limited edition cafe, photo exhibition, and mini-film festival.

The commemorative cafe is serving up a variety of Danboard-themed sweets to go along with slacker cooking staples like spaghetti Neapolitan and sausage rice bowls that could have been prepared by Mr. Koiwai himself. You don’t think the cook could be the life-size Danboard wearing an apron, do you?

We settled on the Danboard pancakes that were more fluffy than the name would suggest and washed it down with a tall glass of milk--just the thing that growing kids like Yotsuba should be chugging down! The banana juice was also tempting, but the last thing we wanted was to draw the attention of a professional jerk like Yanda.

Bellies full, we lounged around for a bit admiring choice shots from the photo book 365 Days of Danboard that decorated the walls. These snaps perhaps served as the inspiration for Le Danboard, a stop motion film created by animation studio Dwarf of Domo-kun fame that explores the heartwarming slice-of-life adventures of our favorite “robot.” The Cine Quinto theater located next door in Parco-3 is showing the short featurette together with Komaneko: Hajime no Ippo, another adorable stop motion animation that fans of Yotsuba&! are sure to love.

The exhibitions run through September 16th, but if you miss it, don’t fret. Parco in Nagoya will be hosting a follow-up event from November 28th to December 9th.