Frame Arms 1/100 YSX-24RD/NE Zeryphikal /NE by Kotobukiya

Descent of the black Baselard! A mysterious new black figure invades the lineup Kotobukiya's original model series Frame Arms. 

Frame Arms 1/100 YSX-24RD/NE Zeryphikal /NE 


Hey there! Shizumecha here. Before we get into today’s review, take a look at this photo:

Frame Arms YSX-24 Baselard

-Nickname “Demon Bird Hunter"

-White fuselage with visor

-Dual rifles

-Handsome face

-Hunky voice (at least the way I imagine it)

One look at those stats at it becomes clear that Baselard is the leading man of the series. So you can imagine my shock when I opened this:

The hero of justice falls from grace!!

Not really, but it would make for a fun story. The official explanation from the manual is: 

FA YSX-24RD Zeryphikal an enhanced prototype of the FM YSX-24 Baselard whose heightened specs make it the perfect tester for new Frame Arms equipment. It’s Night Edge colorway was added during a lunar counter-offensive strike.

aka Dagger Which Pierces the Night (2edgy4me!!). There you have it. The spiky new form and black paint job go together like teens and angst!

There you have it. The kit includes the standard Baselard body and expansion parts in a new colorway, plus the new Zeryphikal runner. It’s a pretty bulky and attractive set! Note that the Baselard’s Segment Rifle isn’t included here.

We received a painted sample for review purposes, but it looks like the production version will get a rehaul molded in 8 colors! Most people don’t even use 8 colors of paint, so this is the ideal kit for those too weary of messing up the paint job to take the plunge into plastic models.

Zeryphikal‘s Light Emission Prototype Weapon can be configured into Slash Mode or Shoot Mode by adjusting the green parts. Although our sample was green the commercial release will be clear.

The other new Zeryphikal feaure is this Shield Offense System! Don’t mistake the shield design for a flower- the fully posable Binding Claw strikes out when foes least expect it! It’s so cool how they went the extra mile and made this a transforming part rather than just exchangeable.

A lead line to shoot out from the muzzle and a joint part to hold the claw up are both included in the kit, opening up a slew of posing possibilities. The joint pictured above is the Action Base Flying 3, but the final product will include one designed specifically for the Shield Offense System.

Here he has taken off all that heavy armor and slipped into something more comfortable, let’s call it basic mode. Just by changing the base color to dark gray Baselard takes on a whole new feel.

Just like with the standard Baselard, the armor can be converted into 2 heavy shields. These look amazing when coupled with the Flying 3 base (sold separately) to send him into an airstrike.

The white Baselard uses a rifle while the black Zeryphikal fights with a sword. Kind of cornball but I love it! Both of them are definitely going on my shelf!

Behold the Dagger Which Pierces the Night (and the hearts of ladies everywhere)!!!

The Frame Arms line has taken its already perfect standard model and sent him to heroic new heights. A main character redesign of this caliber isn’t something that many series try, and even less get away with. For me that’s the major appeal of the Frame Arms line.

In my last review I called Baselard the best entry model to the Frame Arms series, but if you get off on terms like shoot, slash, prototype and black fuselage as much as I do then Zeryphikal is your man!

Frame Arms 1/100 YSX-24RD/NE Zeryphikal /NE 


*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.