BEACH QUEENS - Love Live! Kotori Minami 1/10 Figure by WAVE

--Translated from our Japanese blog-- 

Joining Honoka at the beach party is Muse's charming fashionista, Kotori Minami! Let's see what maker WAVE has in store for us in the latest entry to the BEACH QUEENS series!


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

Kotori is known for her soothing, unselfish nature. Today we'll see what all the fuss is about as we look at this figure based on her episode 10 swimsuit. Let's dig in!

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live! Kotori Minami 1/10 Complete Figure

Here's a full length shot. Cute and sexy coexist in perfect harmony within this green swimsuit. The bewildered expression framed by those lovely locks captures Kotori's personality perfectly.

Snappy color coordination is exactly what we would expect from Muse's costume designer. The green works well with her skin tone and I love how the white frills appear to be jumping out at us.

Her slender frame is grounded in reality and suits a girl of her age. If they changed idols' stats to include aura, Kotori would be a B 80, W 58, H 80, A 500.

From the side we can see that she is making the most of her modest 80cm. As any of Kotori's fans will tell you, no matter how big the bust you're not an idol if you don't a have heart of gold underneath anyhow.

Her equally modest hips stuffed into the low rise bottoms is leaving me speechless. That's not to say my imagination isn't running wild as I ponder all of the possible wardrobe malfunction risks here.

From the front those same bottoms are challenging the limits of a PG review. Fans of fine thighs cannot afford to let this one slip through their fingers!

The scuplt is chock full of ethereal details. A higher angle highlights the elegant curve of her collarbones and the slight crevice in her chest. This is one figure that needs to be seen to be believed!

Remember that even as the summer cools down BEACH QUEENS will keep you hot year round!

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live! Kotori Minami 1/10 Complete Figure

Maker: WAVE

(C)2013 Project Love Live!

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.