Double the Sweetness with Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W and DATE A LIVE

Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose revealed another round of diet-blasting confectionaries that will have us rolling for a sanity check the next time we step on the scale. This time their pop-up shop was outside the K-Books at Akihabara’s premiere otaku shopping space, Akiba Culture Zone.

The checkerboard sponge cake was decorated with a dollop of cassis mousse that gave the sweet treat a bitter bite not unlike Nyaruko herself. Also like Nyaruko, the cake was helpless against our fork attacks and was decimated in moments. Don’t worry Kuko, we saved the heart-shaped ahoge for you!


We walked away with a set of milk cookies featuring the main cast. Somehow I can't put Hasuta into my mouth with a clear conscience...

Each item included a high-quality cork coaster with acrylic faces. Kuko looks like she's sneaking a peak at the love of her life, while Nyaruko's maid costume is just for show and she has no intention of cleaning up the mess she's made.

Extra-dimensional beings summoned by a tear in the fabric of space and reality itself? When you put it that way, the Spirits in DATE A LIVE have a lot in common with the Outer Gods of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san--especially considering that they're all cute girls. 

It was all-out war in the office as people fought to get a taste of their favorite heroine. 

They can have the extra calories as long as they leave me the Yoshino coaster for my personal collection!