Chara-Hobby 2013 C3X: Char's Counterattack

Never one to be outdone, Zeon fights back with a technologically superior corporate sponsor package of their own-- tremble before Zeonic Toyota!

Char has swapped out his trademark Zaku for this custom Auris! We got a glimpse of the prototype at last year’s Chara Hobby, but they surprised this year's crowd with a hands-on unveiling of the production model.

Although the weapons systems have been deactivated, the customers can choose from an array of other premium options. The display car pictured here costs a shockingly low 3,300,000 Yen (around $33,000 USD).

Char’s mini-car, Char's key case, Char’s license holder, the only accessory Zeonic Toyota neglected to provide was a Lalah to sit in the passenger seat.

Visit the official site here for more information:

Char's Auris Official Site