BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Honoka Kousaka 1/10 Figure​ by WAVE

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Honoka Kousaka is the latest Love Live! character making a splash in WAVE's BEACH QUEENS series. Grab your sunscreen and read on for a full review!


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

Today's review is none other than idol unit Muse's center star Honoka Kousaka as seen in episode 10 "No 'Senpai' Allowed!" Let's dig in!

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Honoka Kousaka 1/10 Complete Figure 

Starting head on, Honoka's sweet smile outshines the sun on the hottest of days. Her body, like her position in the group, ranks around the middle of the Muse girls. What she may lack in stature she sure makes up for in spirit. I'm getting heat stroke just sitting here!

Honoka's high-volume, low-maintenance short hair style flutters like my heart as she races across the beach. The side-ponytail paired with an asymmetrical swimsuit design grabs your attention and guides your eyes as you check her out. Where were school idols like this when I was a student?!

On paper a 78cm bust doesn't sound like much. Though as Honoka demonstrates it isn't the size of the mountain but the beauty of its slope that matters most. Paired with a tight waist she has a body that is bound to attract fans of all genders and persuasions.

Speaking of mountains, the view from back here is as scenic as it gets! These low rise bottoms create a wonderful valley as they cling on to Honoka's hips for dear life. If girls actually wear stuff like this to the beach what am I doing spending my summer indoors?!

Swinging back around and up top, we get another nice view. I'd call this more of a ditch than a valley, but they can't all be the Great Rift. Let's call her an entry level idol that can be enjoyed by all ages. Might I suggest starting by enjoying the gentle curve of her collarbone and continuing down to the base of her armpit?

From the side we get another view of, well, not much. But I'm okay with that! We've already established that a well-balanced character is more important than an unbalanced front-end. Really. I'm okay... Let's just move on.

Love Live!'s first season ended on a high note and I can't wait to see Muse in full force in season two! In the meantime this is one figure that Love Live! lovers can't miss!

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Honoka Kousaka 1/10 Complete Figure 

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