Legend of Chun-Li! STREET FIGHTER Bishojo by Kotobukiya

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Chun-Li is the natural choice to kick off Kotobukiya's new STREET FIGHTER Bishojo line. Let’s see how this bodacious bipod makes the transition to 3D!


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews

It’s been 22 years since Ryu set off on his journey to test his strength way back in 1991. But today we are here to look at the first lady of Street Fighter, Chun-Li. Her bio says she was born in 1968, but she hasn't aged a single pixel since her debut.


STREET FIGHTER Bishojo - Chun-Li 1/7 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

BAM! Take a look at those legs! Wooden barrels and cars don’t stand a chance against a lightning kick from those babies. The rest of the package is nothing to shake a stick either. You couldn’t ask for a more faithful recreation of Shunya Yamashita’s illustration.

My heart is fluttering more than her skirt and ribbons as she executes this heavy kick. This is pure vintage Chun-Li right down to the waist sash and gold embroidery. Speaking of which, the two really come together to accentuate her other pair of explosive assets.

From this angle, her silk dress doesn't  leave much to the imagination. Chun-Li's bust is noteworthy in more ways that one, though. Back in the early days of arcade games she was one of first characters to feature animated boob-bounce, if not the first. I’ll never forget the rush she gave me the first time I played Street Fighter as a kid.

Let’s spin her around to get a better look at her body. Go ahead and enlarge the photo before reading on. Here we get an even better idea of how rocking those legs are. I mean, her thighs are wider than her hips! Nobody has more experience drawing fighters than Capcom, so if they say this is how a human kicking machine would look this is how she would look. Probably.

Her expression changes a bit from this viewpoint. Chun-Li's charm isn’t out-shined by her electric China blue dress, and neither is the rest of her!There are just too many details to cover here, so you’ll have to hold to her yourself to fully comprehend the workmanship.

This buttocks looks to have been chiseled by god himself! This, my friends, is the marvel of the human body at peak fitness.

Here's what you'd see from a crouching block. Female fighters may be a dime a dozen nowadays, but Chun-Li paid her dues as the trailblazing lone female in Street Fighter II. Clearly her soul is as strong as her abductors to have endured that lonesome road to victory.


There is something to be said for a pioneer female fighter to not only remain relevant but to continue to flourish after all these years. This is a figure for those who grew up on spinning bird kicks and hadoukens as much as it is for bishojo figure lovers. Let it be a way to bring the worlds of games and toys closer together!

STREET FIGHTER Bishojo - Chun-Li 1/7 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

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