Tokyo Game Show 2013 Report Part 2: The Booths

Oh sure, video games are an essential part of Tokyo Game Show. But the demo kiosks and reveal trailers are less exciting than the booths themselves! We handpicked the best and weirdest from the show floor to help bring the TGS experience directly to you guys. Make sure to scroll through for the gallery below.

The Goron is a harness for your gaming tablet that takes away all the arm and lower-back stress associated with holding your iPad for long stretches. Now the display will always be at eye level, even when you collapse onto your side like a limp sack of meat. Plus the roll-down bar makes it feel like you’re strapped into a roller coaster! We wholly endorse the Goron, because playing games sitting up is for suckers.  

The Bandai booth rolled out an all-star ensemble of Shonen Jump heroines to promote the upcoming fighter J-Stars Victory Vs. This Nami cosplayer takes the prize for most true to character, but as you’ll see below the other models were not to be outdone.

We got hands on with God Eater 2 at the Sony booth’s Vita TV setup. It was rad being able to play on a big screen HD TV while our friends lounged around on the sofa, more than close enough to coordinate attacks between us. Unfortunately this is as close as we were able to get to the booth girls!

The 3DS version of smartphone smash hit Puzzle and Dragons promises to create a world and mythology for its massive bestiary, with the shark-nosed Syrup serving as sidekick and narrator. We may never hear from Disposable Henchman again after its December release! 

The deathmatch browser game World of Tanks is making inroads in the Japanese market with the help of its not-so-secret weapon--Girls und Panzer! Can Korean-style all-night gaming cafes be the next big thing? (And no, net cafes don’t count because you’re in a private booth, not a bull pen)

Say what you will about GREE’s free-to-play system, they had the best designed booths with models at each kiosk cosplaying as characters from the games. The fly fishing girls had us hook, line, and sinker with their impromptu fishing rod pole dancing. We walked away with download codes for so many rare cards that we feel like we’re losing money not playing these games. 

Bushiroad kept it real with their painful display of an Infinite Stratos-customized hatchback and racing bike. There was something sitting in the driver’s seat, but we cut that angle to keep your sanity points from dropping.

A life-size Date Masamune statue presided over the Capcom booth, arms crossed as he leaned back on his fly ride. If you think this is imposing, you should have seen the scale Monster Hunter heads mounted from the walls!