BEACH QUEENS - Ginga Kikotai Majestic Prince: Rin Suzukaze 1/10 Complete Figure

---Translated from our Japanese blog---

Ginga Kikotai Majestic Prince has been tearing up the airwaves since April with two back-to-back action-packed seasons. Today we’re promoting the buxom Rin Suzukaze from commander to deck bunny with a BEACH QUEEN makeover! 


This is Ginpatsuski, reporting for duty.

It’s started to cool down in the mornings and evenings, but it still feels like summer inside the office. The heat is either coming from our broken PC fans, or the constant flow of new BEACH QUEENS releases.

BEACH QUEENS - Ginga Kikotai Majestic Prince: Rin Suzukaze 1/10 Complete Figure

Rin Suzukaze doesn't have it easy. If commanding the warship Godinion wasn't enough of a headache, she has to play babysitter for Team Rabbits. Don’t let her tough exterior fool you--when it comes to dealing with the Princes, she has a heart of gold.

With chest puffed out and hands resting nonchalantly on her cocked hips, she carries herself as a woman residing in the seat of power. But one look at her bashful expression is all it takes to reveal her coquettish side.  

Rin Suzukaze Beach Queen 02.jpg

Speaking of revealing, her bikini top is overflowing with a mother’s love while her broad shoulders and curvaceous hips could only belong to a likewise mature woman. If her troubled expression and bashful gaze are any indication, this revealing outfit is a bit too adult, even for a commanding officer.  

Your wandering eyes should be able to figure out where to focus next without me pointing it out. Either her bikini top is too small, or its load is too big. In either case, we get some nice smooshka going on.

Moving in for a closer look, we see that there’s no push-up tomfoolery going on here. Her breasts are pressed together by necessity--there’s nowhere else for them to go, but into each other!  

Rin Suzukaze Beach Queen 07.jpg

Let’s turn on the mood light for effect. Rin’s body commands a truly majestic view from any angle. There’s something lifelike about those natural slopes and curves that owe themselves as much to genetics as to the design of her micro-bikini. Bottom boob and side boob, all in one!

Rotating to the back we can see that the elastic band of her swimsuit bottoms is being stretched to the limits of space-age technology while the cleft in her cheeks threatens to suck in the taught fabric with the force of a black hole. 

Seeing a normally no-nonsense character turn into an embarrassed blob of jelly after strapping on a teeny-weeny bikini is one of the sweetest pleasures allowed to an anime fan. 

Salute the rear admiral! The slight impression of her back muscles give the impression of a body that’s toned, while still soft to the touch if the way her plump butt squeezes together is any indication. 

Kids, don’t try this at home--those child-bearing hips are proof positive of an adult woman, an unfortunate rarity these days and one I plan to address in future reviews! 

Rin Suzukaze Beach Queen 11.jpg

It wouldn't be a beach photo shoot without palm trees! Of course, this setting raises more questions than it answers--how did we convince Rin to squeeze into this getup? Who’s commanding the ship? What will the teenage Princes do with these photos? 

Best not to dwell on these sunstroke delusions when I’ve got a busty bikini babe to contend to!

BEACH QUEENS - Ginga Kikotai Majestic Prince: Rin Suzukaze 1/10 Complete Figure

Maker: WAVE

(C)Sotsu Co., Ltd, FIELDS, MJP Seisakuiinkai

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