MEDICOM TOY RAH Series Special Report: RAH NEO Evangelion Mark.09 & RAH Ultraman C Type Ver.2.0!!

AmiAmi Blog was lucky enough to get early samples of the latest additions to the RAH lineup! The Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo line has been infiltrated by the ominous Evangelion Mark.09 while a new and improved Ultraman C Type is back from the Land of Light!


Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. This month MEDICOM TOY brings us a blast from the past with RAH Ultraman C Type Ver. 2.0 then takes us back to the near future with RAH NEO Evangelion Mark.09! Today's review is a giant double-header!

RAH NEO Evangelion Mark.09

Enter the next evolution, the supreme Evangelion!

Following EVA-01 TEST TYPE, EVA-02 and EVA-08 is the mysterious Evangelion Mark.09, apparently piloted by Rei Ayanami.

Mark.09 is a bit of a departure from the realm of mecha with its organic design. True to the series, this figure also has a coated inner suit with armor attachments which allows for an array of posing possibilities and adds a sense of realism.

RAH Evangelion Mark.09 (6).jpg

The cyclops camera eye is movable, adding to the creep-out factor of this already menacing figure.

Mark.09's other standout feature is its cyclopean scythe, faithfully recreated to the smallest details. Towering over the Eva itself, this thing measures over 40 centimeters!

Where is it's head?!?! ((((;゚Д゚))))

Interchangeable parts allow you to recreate the decapitated version from the film! Even zooming in like this there isn't a seam line to be seen anywhere.

Who said not to fear the reaper? This Eva is downright terrifying when posed with its scythe. Check out those elbows! The RAH NEO Eva line looks almost human in dynamic poses like this.

Re-enact your very own battle at Central Dogma with NEO EVA Kai Type-02 Gamma and EVA Type-08 Beta!The only Eva from 3.0 that hasn't made the the jump to RAH NEO is UNIT-13. I can't begin to imagine what they Spear of Cassius will be like!

RAH Ultraman C Type Ver. 2.0

Ultra-Crusader from Land of Light M78 Nebula

Introduced in episode 30, Ultraman C Type is the hero's most recognized costume. MEDICOM TOY managed to improve on perfection in Version 2.0 with an all new head sculpt and ABS mask. The RAH 301 KAI base body a is perfect fit for Ultraman's not quite skinny but not exactly macho frame.

The blue Color Timer has been flawlessly replicated with the use of clear injection parts. An incredible amount of energy was put into the gloves and boots, not to mention recreating the wrinkles and other imperfections of the original prop suit! Time and again I am amazed at what they are able to pack into a 1/6 scale figure.

We got a sneak peak at “Cap” Muramatsu at the MEDICOM TOY EXHIBITION '13 last June. What will they release next? I'm crossing my fingers for a RAH Dada!!

RAH Evangelion Mark.09 1 (6).jpg

RAH NEO Evangelion Mark.09

-Release Date: July 2014


-Costumer:  Yumiko Noda (SOUing)

-Height: appx. 390mm (Feet to top of shoulder armor)

-Includes interchangeable hands and figure stand

RAH Ultraman C Type Ver. 2.0 (7).jpg

RAH Ultraman C Type Ver.2.0

-Release Date: March 2014

-Sculptor:  Kyoji Maeda

-Height: appx. 300mm

-Includes interchangeable hands and figure stand


(C) Tsuburaya Pro

*Photos are of samples and the actual products may differ.