Attack on Lawson! the Sequel

When they’re not out attacking titans, the Survey and Training Corps are busy raiding convenience stores. The Lawson chain of stores began their second Attack on Titan campaign on September 3rd. During the period, special announcements by Eren and Mikasa, and Eren and Levi are broadcast inside the store several times a day at specific times.

The first campaign offered four variations of earphone jacks. This time around customers can receive one of five clear files with every purchase of two eligible snack items. Collaboration goods included butter cookies rationed by the Survey Corps, Sasha’s sweet potato chips, 6 assortments of candy tablets, and four types of mini cases. Due to its immense popularity, the candy tablets and mini cases were already all sold out by the time I got there just after 8 in the morning. I wasn’t even able to get my hands on the cookies and chips until a restock a couple days later.

The butter cookies taste just like you would expect from military ration cookies. Hey, you are paying for the fantasy. For just 105 yen you can have a midday snack and become part of the Survey Corps!

With the package art of Sasha munching on a sweet potato, I knew the sweet potato chips were going to be great. And they were! How can you go wrong with sugar-glazed potato chips? Much like Sasha, Boke Nasu couldn't resist the temptation. He went as far as asking for a bite with “Am I worthy?” giving me a Shingeki-style military salute… with his left hand. FAIL!

The event runs through the 16th, but with rations in such low supply you'll need to pray to the wall to be able to find a store with stock. Good luck, soldiers!