Sweet Despair at Dangan Ronpa Cake Shop

Only one thing can stave off Super High School Level Despair--massive amounts of sugar! Confectionery maker Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose held a Dangan Ronpa-themed pop-up shop in the Shinjuku Marui One department store and we stopped by on the final day for a big slice of hope.

The rich Monokuma cake was split down the middle between white chocolate and bitter raspberry mousse with blackberry filling--better than munching on stuffing, and one of the tastiest treats we've ever enjoyed.

Next were the boxes of Aoi Asahina’s donuts decorated with hard sugar sprinkles. The fancy flavors like Earl Gray and persimmon were too high brow for us, so we went with the Monomi-colored strawberry glaze. The doughnut had a thick, moist body, not unlike Asahina after a dip in the pool.

Each item came with a sturdy rubber coaster emblazoned with cast members. Not bad for a parting shot.

On the way out we grabbed a stack of milk cookies for the team back at the office. The amount of detail on the characters is awesome, but it’s a bummer that half of them will be dead by the end of the series. Though we can’t think of a better sendoff for the fallen classmates then dipping their likeness in milk for a mid-afternoon snack. Praise the students of Hope's Peak Academy! Your despair is delicious.