Dempa Gumi Inc. Has Hikikomori Relapse in New Video

Imagine, a world without idols. No Macross, no Idol M@ster, no Love Live! That’s no world for me, or for you. And it’s more likely than you think. All it takes to put us back into the pop music Dark Ages is for the girls to give into their inner doubts and insecurities, something that the members of Dempa Gumi Inc. prove to be all too easy in their latest video.

A collection of recovering net game addicts, hikikomori, and yandere, Dempa Gumi Inc. burst from their bedrooms to hit the streets of Akihabara and deliver their addictive brand of hyperactive “moe-kyun” sound to the world back in 2008. Since then they've worked with ani-song producer Hyadain, donned mustaches and aviator shades to cover a Beastie Boys track, and even performed at this year’s Japan Expo. 


If last year’s hit WWD served as the origin story for the group, then their new single WWD II is the grim sequel that chronicles their fall from grace. Flash forward to 2020--as the girls fold under the pressure of stardom to slide back into bad habits and escapism, a batch of impostors take their place. Pinky, their leader, is the only surviving original member of the group--until she’s kidnapped by BiS, the self-proclaimed heels of the idol world.

Can the cast of Dempa Gumi Inc. muster the courage to face themselves and rescue Pinky? Or will the nega-forces of BiS prove to be superior? Either way, we’re looking at an all-out idol civil war!