Fate/stay night hollow ataraxia - Saber - Mousou Maid Ver.- 1/7 Complete Figure by Plum

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The artisans at Plum have given form to the fantasy! Say hello to the cute new hired help, Saber Maid.

She comes with a prop staircase that doubles as a stand and fleshes out the narrative of this daydream. What kind of story will you imagine?


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

It’s hard to believe that the 10th year anniversary of Fate/stay night is nearly upon us. Franchises come and go, but the way that the series has stayed the center of attention all this time is testament to its strength.

Enough reminiscing. Feast your eyes on Saber Maid from Fate/hollow Ataraxia! 

Fate/stay night hollow ataraxia - Saber -Mousou Maid Ver.- 1/7 Complete Figure

Give yourself a moment to take in the entire display. Pretty classy right? Saber trades in her usual armor and dress for an adorable bonnet, a form-fitting maid uniform, silky black tights that hug her slender legs, and a coquettish smile.

With stairs straight out of a noble’s mansion, painted with a muted palette and accented with bold gold stripes, the scene wouldn’t look out of place framed and hanging over the fireplace.

The setpiece holds up to scrutiny at any angle, a perfectly constructed daydream waiting to play out in your mind. Notice the attention to detail given to the stairs, especially the rods holding down the thick rug.

The view from the opposite side emphasizes the symmetrical bannisters that boast a subtle smooth finish as if they were ground from a lathe. Across from the handrail sits a charming young beauty. Is she trying to maintain her distance, or is she simply playing coy?

Let’s test our luck and move in for a closer peek. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia played down the eroticism of this scene, but thankfully Plum is not so prudent. I can see myself in those shiny black stockings!

Saber is hardly the most buxom heroine in the Fate universe, but with a figure like this, she doesn’t have to be! Her ample bust gets the job done without getting in the way of her sword swings. Truly the envy of every warrior!

Climbing up a step gives us an elevated view. Here we notice how the front of her bodice is open a smidge too much, inviting a view of her milky white skin. Our eyes travel along her neckline, following the frills of her uniform like the gentle waves on a windy lake.

The view from the rear reveals her hidden sensual side. We’re acquainted with Saber the warrior and Saber the champion eater, so seeing her exposed, supple back gives me butterflies in my stomach in a way that not even her battles do.

Saber has appeared in as many variations as there are titles in the Fate universe. It’s this versatility of character that has kept her in the center of the Holy Grail War. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Saber collection (and dust their stands at the same time), look no further than Saber Maid!

Fate/stay night hollow ataraxia - Saber - Mousou Maid Ver.- 1/7 Complete Figure
Maker: Plum

(C)2004,2005 TYPE-MOON
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