Yuri Danshi Blossom in Flowery Photobook

Everyone knows that the sacred love between girls is called Yuri, and when guys hook-up it’s Yaoi. But when you have boys dressed like girls who love boys like they’re girls, it gets a little complicated.

The new photobook Yuri Danshi--literally “lesbian boys”--celebrates the confusing world of crossdressed dude-on-dude pairings in a variety of situations. See them prance through the streets of Akihabara in AKB48-style skirts, pose in the hippest parts of Harajuku, and cozy up to each other in highrise hotels.

Part fashion snap, part gravure photography, and entirely sexually ambiguous, the 128-page book features nine models, a majority of whom hail from the transvestite maid bar New Type. The photographer and beautician Naoko Tachibana has made a career out of helping boys discover their inner beauty at her Shinjuku studio Taiyodo.

It’s almost enough to make me want to talk a walk on the wild side. I mean, it’s totally normal for guys to be into Yuri, right? Right?!

Published by Myway Mook