MEDICOM TOY's Saber Alter & HIT-GIRL RAH Figures

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Step inside for an exclusive sneak peak at two new REAL ACTION HEROES figures, the heroine of Fate/stay night turned dark-tainted tyrant, Saber Alter, and the butt-kicking co-star of the upcoming KICK-ASS 2, HIT-GIRL!


Greetings! This is Shizu Mecha, a living figure preview machine. MEDICOM TOY gave me special access to this pair of violent violet vixens. 


I barely made it back alive with my hard drive in one piece... proceed with caution!

RAH Saber Alter

―――The Dark King of Knights Ascends the Throne―――

Saber has been corrupted by power of darkness to sow despair as Saber Alter. 

The design and coloring of the original Saber figure have been given a complete overhaul to cloak the model in pure madness. Look out for her crazy eyes!

The heavy armor of this 12 inch figure shines with a dark luster and is adorned with crimson etchings, wrapping the character in an aura of dread.

Wires are built into the waist armor and the rear skirt hem to allow for dynamic, moody poses!

From the lines in her sleeves to the pleats in her skirt, the artisan’s attention given to the cloth is exactly what you’d expect from the RAH series.

She comes with three interchangeable faces--Default, emotionless to emphasize her lack of feelings, and a wild screaming expression. Of course, Saber’s alter ego wouldn’t be complete without her trademark mask.

There’s also 2 additional hair parts to add a sense of movement to her bangs!

Saber Alter is equipped with the corrupted Excalibur along with its wicked unleashed form, Vortigern, Hammer of the Vile King.

The gradient coloring is truly sublime while the sculpt looks sharp enough to cut your eyeballs. But beauty turns into pure destructive power when Saber Alter hefts the blade!

The above image is a blog exclusive not shown on the product page!

Cover your ears at the sound of Saber’s blood-curdling cry, the once-proud King transformed into the disciple of madness!


Back For More!

Straight off the set of the upcoming KICK-ASS 2 movie, HIT-GIRL brings her blend of vigilante justice and killer cuteness to the RAH lineup.

The 12 inch sculpt is hyper realistic--it’s like holding a miniature version of actress Chloe Mortez!

HIT-GIRL stays one step ahead of the hero in the films, and her action figure is likewise ready to take point.

HIT-GIRL comes armed to the teeth with a pair of pistols, set of butterfly knives, and a separatable double-headed machete. Recreate your favorite scenes of cinematic carnage!

The costume’s metallic purple finish is killer!

Even the parts hidden behind her cape are afforded lavish attention, from her gun holster to her checkered skirt.

You won’t believe that a 12 inch figure could deliver this level of detail!


-RAH Saber Alter

-Release date: April 2014


-Costumer: Mieko Akimoto

-Height: 300mm

-Includes interchangeable hands and adjustable figure stand



-Release date: Feburary 2014

-Head parts sculptor: Hiromi Hayashi


-Costumer: Yumiko Noda

-Height: 300mm

-Includes interchangeable hands and adjustable figure stand

For those looking for a lady more noble, also check out RAH Saber!

The magic seal sheet shown in the image is an initial production limited bonus, so get yours while they last!

One last thing before I sign off. MEDICOM TOY has launched an official staff blog!

They’ll talk you through the figure production process and the important design elements of upcoming figures.

Unfortunately it’s Japanese only, but even if you don’t understand the language you can enjoy the photos of prototypes!

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