Monogatari Series' Monster-sized Ads

The crowd at Akihabara station was more energetic than normal, making us wonder--did something good happen?

Turns out that “something” was a spread of humongous advertisements for the Monogatari series! The 5 meter sprawl was broken into panels featuring the heroines in various brand tie-ups, and each was plastered with the clever wordplay we’ve come to expect from NisiOisiN’s writing. Mayoi-Chan chided passengers not to get lost when changing trains. Kanbaru’s monkey paw guarantees her a 3 point shot, except she was promoting the T point card from video rental chain Tsutaya. And in a teaser for the upcoming mook dedicated to our favorite class rep, voice actress Horie Yui promises to bear everything in a tell-all interview about the Tsubasa Hanekawa inside her--let's hope that includes Black Hanekawa was well!

But most important to fans--Owari Monogatari starts serialization in the October issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Could this be the beginning of the end, or will the Monogatari series continue on as a never-ending story?