BEACH QUEENS-Oreshura: Chiwa Harusaki and Senran Kagura: Hibari 1/10 Complete Figures by WAVE

--Translated from our Japanese blog--

The dog days of summer may be behind us, but these beach queens are here to keep things hot for a little while longer!

Today we offer up a double header with Chiwa “Chihuahua” Harusaki, the adorable girl next door from Oreshura, and Hibari, a ninja-in-training at Hanzo Academy from the busty beat-em-up Senran Kagura

The two girls couldn't be more different—does that make the choice harder, or easier?!


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

Both of today's beauties are in the same grade but their proportions put them in polar opposite classes. Variety is the spice of life!

BEACH QUEENS - Oreshura: Chiwa Harusaki 1/10 Complete Figure

Let’s start with a full-body shot of the front—or is it the back? Hard to tell with a chest this flat. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy, and it takes guts to go with the latter. You can’t help but want to cheer her on as she dodges the shrapnel of a teen romance SNAFU.

Moving in for a closer look, those puppy dog twin tails and frilly bathing suit push her “Cuteness” stat to the max! Although that doesn’t exactly qualify her as girlfriend material, she still has a chance to bounce back!

The front offers plenty of details to chew over, like her yaeba fang teeth or the minute folds in the frills and ribbon. Her flat chest continues down to her tight belly and runs into her low-rise bikini bottoms, eliciting cries of “why stop there?!” 

 Chiwa "Chihuahua” is true to her nickname with this waggly tail. The bathing suit clings tightly to her skin, playing up her subtle, though not to be understated butt. Maybe she still has a chance to beat out the other girls after all!

Chiwa is at the age where inter-person relationships start to shape the rest of one's life. Will she be forever stuck as a childhood friend, or can she take the relationship to the next level? The figure —and her story—are begging for your attention!

BEACH QUEENS - Senran Kagura: Hibari 1/10 Complete Figure

I understand that ninjas are nimble, but this dynamic pose seems a bit unstable for someone so top heavy! She’s awfully happy to see somebody. Is it her friend Yagyu? Or maybe it’s that handsome devil sitting on the other side of the screen… 

The curvy cast of Senran Kagura have earned it infamy as a busty brawler, with Hibari being one of the less-endowed combatants—relatively speaking, of course. The pigtails and frilly bathing suit will draw comparisons with Chiwa, but their personalities—and proportions—couldn't be more different. 

Take a moment to appreciate the details around her chest—no, not the fleshy bits, I’m talking about the frills! Notice how they’re pulled taught as the fabric strains under its load. Truly the work of a master craftsman!

The line running from her collarbone to chest isn’t too shabby either. Hibari’s wide-set breasts don’t form a valley despite their gentle slopes—but that doesn't mean that it’s not worth climbing to the peak!

The rear view offers plenty to admire. Her hair is fluffed-up, frozen in time. Maybe she was kicking up sand on the beach. More likely, she was unleashing a launcher to set up a vicious air juggle. 

Hibari’s smile is as resilient as her fighting spirit and her character development is second to none! We can’t wait to see where her battles take her—perhaps into your collection?

BEACH QUEENS - Oreshura: Chiwa Harusaki 1/10 Complete Figure

BEACH QUEENS - Senran Kagura: Hibari 1/10 Complete Figure

Maker: WAVE

(C) Yuji Yuji, Softbank Creative, Oreshura Seisakuiinkai

(C)MarvelousAQL, Senran Kagura Partners

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.