JoJo's Bizarre Commuter Train

Our daily commute keeps getting more and more bizarre! A JoJo-themed train is running wild on the Yamanote Line to celebrate the release of the All Star Battle fighting game. Thanks to Aerosmith's tracking radar we were able to hitch a ride home surrounded by gorgeous promotional art. It’s true what they say—Stand users are drawn to each other!

Everything in the train had been JoJo-ified. The monitors played commercials of in-game footage while the wall ads had been replaced by famous quotes. I wouldn't want to be the guy standing in front of the frame that said “this taste… this taste is of a liar!” Even the hanging hand straps were decorated with stickers of the Sex Pistols—maybe their ricochet ability helps offset the swaying of the train?

But the coolest installation were the advert banners done up to reflect the powers of Stand users. Star Platinum left a strong impression with a flurry of ora-ora punches, while Sticky Fingers managed to fasten a zipper on cardboard. JoJo is a series filled with inside jokes that get funnier the more trivia you know. Check out the gallery to see how well you know your way around the show!

The train will loop around the Yamanote Line through September 9th. If you’re living in Tokyo, check the official homepage for route information.