Code of Princess the Figures - Ali the Thief 1/7 Complete Figure by empty

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This thief is here to steal your heart! Figure maker empty brings Kinu Nishimura's design to life with an outstanding sculpt of Code of Princess fan favorite Ali Baba. Don’t be fooled by the boyish exterior, inside beats the heart of a veracious maiden!


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

Joining a naive princess and her giant sword on a quest to save the world… This is going to be a long and winding road! Though if anyone is fit for the journey it's Ali Baba, whose tongue is every bit as sharp as her blade. Let's dig in! 

Code of Princess the Figures - Ali the Thief 1/7 Complete Figure

Enlarge this image and admire her in all of her glory before reading on. Sword in hand and eyes on the prize, Ali is set for battle. Famed illustrator Kinu Nishimura's design paints a perfect picture of exotic beauty, right down to the bejeweled accessories.

Let's get a little closer. Her tanned skin accentuates the magnificent sculpting of her steel-forged muscles. Note how each and every tassel on the belt is individually carved and painted!

Shifting our gaze toward the front we get a better view of her bust, or rather lack thereof. Even fellow party member Lady Zozo's zombie body has more going on! Though if her imposing gaze is anything to go by, she certainly doesn't seem to suffer from self-esteem issues. More importantly, who's got the key to that lock?!

The view from behind doesn't disappoint either! This warrior's spirit doesn't budge an inch even as a strong gust whirls her hair and scarf about. Her tensed waist is hinting at seriously killer curves hidden under those baggy pants. Huzzah!

A thief's tools are their life, and empty didn't cut any corners on them. The way the keys are swaying from her belt is so realistic I can easily picture Ali reaching down for them. The matte finish on the pants contrasting against her glossy boots also adds to the realism.

This sword is a unique combination of western and middle-eastern motifs. Don't you love that star and crescent moon decoration? It takes a real woman to wield such a savage weapon.

Let's adjust the lighting to befit a thief. That slim body must be a major advantage when prowling in the shadows. Anyone who can sneak around with that clattery belt is nothing short of a master thief!

Ali's journey doesn't end when she and her comrades defeat Distille. Where will the road take her next? Hopefully to a life of peace on your figure shelf!

Code of Princess the Figures - Ali the Thief 1/7 Complete Figure

Maker: empty

(C)empty Co., Ltd./Kinu Nishimura

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.