BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Himawari Shinomiya 1/10 Figure by WAVE

--Translated from our Japanese blog-- 

The girl genius with a smile like a sunflower, Himawari Shinomiya from Vividred Operation is here to brighten up the summer as a BEACH QUEENS figure from WAVE! 


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

Vividred Operation lived up to its name with flashy camera work that burned the scenes into my brain.

Today we've managed to coax the stunning Himawari Shinomiya out of the house for some fun in the sun!

BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Himawari Shinomiya 1/10 Complete Figure

Take a moment to appreciate those killer curves that keep her near and dear to our hearts. Himawari doesn’t care much for fashion, but her trademark yellow bikini is a perfect fit. Her long locks have a serious case of bed head—and that’s why we love her!

Taking a closer look, we can see that the fabric of her top is pulled taught under the strain of carrying a massive load. Her creamy white skin contrasts nicely with the yellow, like she’s emitting rays of sunshine.

Let's enjoy a few shots from a higher angle.

Going around the sculpt gives us a fuller appreciation of, well, her fullness! Busty figures totally change depending on the viewing angle, opening a new dimension of possibilities. 

Enough about her breasts—it wouldn’t be "Vividred Operation" if we didn’t mention her butt. Her round rear end isn’t about to play second fiddle to her chest. Himawari is the complete package. As you can see from her bikini bottom, this figure comes with all frills attached.

Let’s try a slightly lower angle. Her large face helps balance her petite frame and prevent it from becoming too top heavy. The pendulous breasts seem ready to sway to-and-fro, like a young girl’s heart in battle…or is that putting it too directly?! 

Himawari is ready for her fashion shoot! It’s easy to see why she was scouted to be a model. What vivid angle would you snap her from? 

Vividred Operation is the story of girls unlocking unimaginable power by opening their hearts and minds to each other, making the show especially relevant in our current digital age where people spend more time looking into computer screens than the eyes of those around them.

This is one flower that you don’t want to leave alone!

BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Himawari Shinomiya 1/10 Complete Figure
Maker: WAVE
(C) Vividred Project, MBS
*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.