Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily Figure​ by Alphamax

--Translated from our Japanese blog--

Following Saber Lily's debut in the fighting game Fate/unlimited codes, the popularity of her design has elevated her from alternate costume to full-fledged character. Her upcoming Alphamax figure is finally open to the public--along with the front and back of her dress!


This is Ginpatsuski, reporting for duty.

With TYPE-MOON fans clamoring over the upcoming theatrical release of The Garden of Sinners/recalled out summer, Alphamax comes through with some love for the figure collectors as well.  

Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily Complete Figure 

We find the Princess of Knights seated with her legs sprawled in front of her. There’s something fetching about a woman in white—it’s easy to see how demand for this alternate Saber costume made her into an independent character!  

Her right hand gently caresses the blade Caliburn. Take a moment to notice the intricate details on the hilt and scabbard. Saber has cast off her armor, leaving her cleavage unprotected against prying eyes. 

The open back dress caused quite a stir when Fate/unlimited codes came out, and the sculpt delivers exactly what we wanted to see. Check out her sexy--or should I say, dignified--shoulders. 

Let’s take a closer look and turn on the mood lighting. The way the light hits pulls out the supple curve of her back and shoulder blades creating a bewitching sight indeed.

Her face faithfully recreates the feeling you’d get from one of Takashi Takeuchi’s illustrations. While her maidenly pose seems to be inviting attack, it beguiles the steely expression of a determined knight.  

Her wistful expression looks best when viewed from above. The sword is removable to reveal the right side of her face. 

The back of the dress isn’t the only part that’s exposed. While Saber could hardly be considered busty, the white material of the outfit emphasizes her body line with shadows that nicely pull out the shape of her chest.

We turned down the lighting for this last pair of shots. The highlights from underneath really help make her breasts pop out—metaphorically speaking, of course.

This figure has a little something for everyone, be you a fan of Saber, girls with swords, or maidens in white. With a chest somewhere between “flat” and “curvy,” Saber Lily nails that sweet spot!

Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily Complete Figure
Maker: Alphamax
(C)2002-2006 TYPE-MOON

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.