Sword Art Online - Asuna ALO ver. 1/8 Complete Figure

--Translated from our Japanese blog-- 

Asuna, heroine of the massively popular Sword Art Online series, has joined the party in her <<Titania>> avatar courtesy of figure maker Alphamax.

Normally the “captured princess” is a stale fantasy setup, but this queen of the fairies brings the trope to life with style and sex appeal!


This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.

Asuna has epic stats, both online and IRL. And when she teams up with her partner Kirito she becomes seriously OP.

This figure takes a page from a plot point during the ALfheim Online arc and promises not to disappoint!

Sword Art Online - Asuna ALO ver. 1/8 Complete Figure

Starting from a full-body view of the front, we can see that the sculpt captures the essence of the design, from her trademark long hair to her billowing dress. With only one foot arched against the base, she really looks like she’s soaring through the sky. Add in her uneasy expression and you have the quintessential damsel in distress

Let’s take a closer look. Her striking chestnut locks and pure white dress offer a strong contrast with the red ribbon on her chest. It’s almost like a pop-up in your GUI trying to guide your eyes towards the next objective…

From the front, we can see how she ties her voluminous hair with her braids. Moving onto the outfit, her top appears to be torn at the hem, gracing us with an eyeful of her tummy. The dress barely covers her hips and is hardly ideal equipment for adventuring, but is perfect for admiring. Imagine running into this avatar in the field. Could your physical body handle the shock?! 

Spend all day staring at the front and you’ll miss these beautiful fairy wings around back. The translucent material allows for the rest of Asuna to shine through, resulting in a dreamlike view. The wings aren’t a simple arc, but are curved for flight the way a real fairies’ might be. Wait, real fairies? The line between virtual and actual is beginning to blur. 

Let’s turn down the lighting. I knew that Asuna’s stats were top-class, but wowsers! The curve of her under-boob looks plenty real to me. In a virtual world constructed of binary lines of 1s and 0s, she’s a perfect 10. 

Here’s another shot of her under-boob. This composition shows off her face, chest, and fairy wings—could I have found the ultimate angle? I challenge you to find a better one!

We take the camera up and around, giving us a better look at her characteristic braids and bonnet. I’d gladly grind for EXP all day if it meant being able to watch this avatar from behind! How much longer before they start the VRMMORPG open beta?!.

This figure brings the sexiness of Asuna into the real world. Try to capture the Fairy Queen while you still can… but don’t let her go, even if she gives you those sad eyes! 

Sword Art Online - Asuna ALO ver. 1/8 Complete Figure

Maker: Alphamax

(C) Reki Kawahara / ASCII MEDIA WORKS /SAO Project

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.