Soapy Fun at the School Swimsuit Carwash

Forget the beach. The best place to cool down this summer is Akihabara’s school bathing suit car wash. No car? No problem! A chauffeur will pick you up from the station in a fly ride and drop you off at the garage. The proprietor wants to give everyone a chance to live the dream he’s had since the seventh grade--watch schoolgirls get wet and wild with two tons of turbocharged steel!

After we rolled into the garage, we were greeted by a trio of girls with the perfect balance of  moe. The petite and short-haired Yayo was energetic in the way only a little sister can muster, while the ponytailed tsundere Subaru and saucy Irisu were sisters in real life. Next time someone criticizes ero-ge for having unbelievable settings, point them to this paragraph.

We chatted for a bit and then the real fun began. The ladies took turns spraying, sponging, and wiping down our car as we enjoyed the show. Our brave cameraman Disposable Henchman chose to stay inside the boiling-hot vehicle--a death-defying move to be sure, but worth it for the view!

The rest of us kept cool with hand fans and mist from the water hoses. The staff may be cosplaying, but they knew what they were doing. They got down and dirty, throwing their bodies into it to scrub off every trace of bug guts and grime. According to Yayo, this kind of work is far more physical than a maid cafe, and therefore all the more rewarding.

As the girls broke out the wax buffer, we knew that our time was nearly up. They led us around the car for a final inspection and one last round of jokes--Boke Nasu showed his sadistic side and had the staff towel off the spots they missed, but if you’re a masochist, the girls would love to give you a tongue lashing about your filthy car. 

Our memories of the experience will sometime fade like the sun slowly setting over a long summer day. Good thing we’ll have our photos to remind us! Before the girls waved us goodbye, we got to take a Polaroid snapshot, or cheki, as a memento. I’d put it on my desk, but I don’t want the women at the office to see it! 

The school swimsuit car wash only runs for one month. At the end of August, this concrete jungle oasis will evaporate into an urban mirage. Let’s hope it reappears next year, and the year after that, and the year after that...