WataMote Exhibit at Akihabara GAMERS

Tomoko always mumbles about how she doesn’t have any friends, but she has no shortage of supporters around the AmiAmi office! The GAMERS flagship store in Akihabara was holding a WataMote exhibit, so we dropped by to see how our gloomy girl doing.  

The walls were covered with letters of encouragement from fellow fans and shut-ins, as well as stills from the show. As much as I love looking at Tomoko’s twisted expression, staring for too long is just asking to be cursed by her mojo mojo.

By far the coolest items were the scripts signed by the cast and the replica school uniform worn by voice actress Izumi Kitta on a NicoNico live broadcast. Now I can’t decide who’s more adorable--Tomoko, or the person playing her.

In any case, we’ve got your back Tomocchi, so it’s not our fault that you’re not popular!