Remembering Menma at the Anohana Cafe and Exhibit

anohana exhibit cafe odaiba cover.jpg

When we heard that we could experience what it was like to be one of the Super Peace Busters, we jumped at the chance! The Cinema Mediage movie theater in Odaiba’s Aqua City is housing a replica of Anohana’s secret base through the end of September and everyone’s welcome to come hang with the gang.

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When we got there it seemed that we had just missed the cast. Their cups were on the table and Poppo’s scooter was parked on the side of the fort. Maybe they went out to buy groceries for a barbecue? Menma was left behind to keep watch, though she looked anxious to hand Jintan a certain letter...

Around the corner we found a Tanabata wish tree in bloom with fan messages. The Japanese celebrate Tanabata, or the summer Star Festival, by writing their dreams on paper that they then tie to branches. Some people made personal pleas, but most asked for Menma’s wish to come true!

Next we went upstairs to the noitaminA cafe. A combination restaurant and gift shop, the menu changes according to the current crop of anime, with Anohana and Silver Spoon-themed dishes to match this season’s lineup.

2013 (1 of 1)-33.jpg

Our main course was Jintan’s gourmet salt ramen topped with an egg. Poppo’s coffee was as full-bodied as the man himself, while the Calpico-flavored Menma soda tasted light and sweet. For dessert we had Menma’s muffin bread which was hard and tasteless, exactly as it should be.

Visiting these spots made us excited for the new film, but a bit melancholy at the same time. The movie is a retelling of the TV series from Menma’s point of view, so by watching it you set yourself up for an emotional punch to the gut. The Super Peace Busters aren't the only ones who can’t get over Menma. If we get teary-eyed thinking about the show’s finale, does that makes us honorary members?