WonFes Scores with the Ladies!

Wonder Festival has come and gone, leaving in its wake a trail of drooling fans eager to get their hands on the newly announced releases. The figure industry has largely been dominated by products aimed at guys but makers seem to have taken more notice of the largely untapped female collector market. At last-- MORE MALE FIGURES!

This year’s summer WonFes was very kind (or unkind depending on your finances) to the ladies, starting with Alter's latest additions to their ongoing line of UtaPri figures. Attack on Titan is indisputably one of the hottest series of late with scale and non-scales from virtually every company. I’m personally looking forward to all the Levi goodness, oh yes.

With its beautiful animation and self-aware comedy, Kyoto Animation’s Free! has proven to be a splash hit across the board. There was no prototype on display but Alter announced a scale figure of Haruka. Hopefully this means we can get the rest of the Iwatobi boys and Rin in the near future!

A colored sample of the MegaHouse G.E.M. Series Aladdin figure from Magi was on display and it’s looking very stunning. Morgiana is next up. Can we get Sinbad too? Pretty please?

For the nostalgic at heart, Kotobukiya has been churning out Yuu Yuu Hakusho scale figures under their ARTFX J line. Prototypes of Kuwabara and Youko Kurama were amazing. Youko Kurama's hair in particular looks spectacular! They also unveiled an ARTFX J prototype of Tezuka from The New Prince of Tennis, though sadly they weren't allowing photos just yet.

No matter what your fancy, there was sure to be something to strike it this time around. What struck yours? Sound off in the comments!