Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Report Part 3: Cosplay

Not a figure collector? Not a problem! Wonder Festival is Japan’s premiere cosplay event after dedicated conventions and Comic Market. What it lacks in scale it makes up in flexibility. Case in point--Comic Market restricts the size of props, making Wonder Festival the place to be for dragon-slaying  buster swords and planet-leveling armaments. Factor in a relaxed dress code for titillating costumes and a photographer-friendly layout and its easy to see why some visitors completely ignore the dealer rooms.

Cosplay takes place in the rectangular-shaped loading dock on the side of the convention center and the concrete corridors between its halls. The model picks a spot against the wall and the cameraman line up--nice and organized. In comparison, Comic Market has a cosplay pit where mobs of shooters encircle the subject. Good luck getting through, much less snapping a good shot! Of course, cosplay photography will be plagued with problems at any venue. It’s hard to diffuse the harsh sun, even with a reflector. Certain people take more than their fair share of time with the model. And even the coolest costume looks silly with all the water bottles, duffel bags, and blurred pedestrians in the background. The only solution--rent a studio! But that would spoil the fun of hunting for the most creative, unique, and flat-out weird outfits. 

Dollers were out in droves despite the summer heat and the cast of Attack on Titan were zipping around in their Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. The girls of Love Live and The Idolmaster put on a good show, but failed to dethrone long-running starlets Hatsune Miku and Super Sonico.

Which costumes were your favorites? Let us know in the comments section!