Captain Hannes Lives to Flee Another Day

The votes are in, and the most popular character from Attack on Titan is...Captain Hannes? Wait, that can't be right! Apparently Hannes agrees, because he's dropped out of the running. Something about “not having the courage” to run the race. Yeah buddy, like you haven't used that line before. 

For readers who missed our post last month, Attack on Titan teamed up with the 33rd Japan Cup, one of the most prestigious horse races in Japan, and they're continuing along this path with the Arima Kinen, an all-star horse race held in mid-December. The homepage held a poll where each fan was given 10 votes to select which character they wanted to see compete in the event. Hannes walked away with a colossal 6.7 billion of the 8.3 billion total votes--it seems that netizens of the anonymous message board 2chan conspired to rocket Hannes to the top spot and force him to take responsibility for a change.

Unfortunately for them, but lucky for Hannes, the poll had a disclaimer stating that vote results do not guarantee a spot in the race--a loophole that Hannes used to weasel out of his duty, as you can see in his tearful resignation speech below:

Although the animation may be recycled, they got the cast to record new dialogue for their acceptance speeches! Check out the all ear candy you can handle below:

As far as characters who actually will be competing in the race, Oluo Bozado ranked 2nd with 483.8 million votes and Mike Zacharius came in 3rd with 235.2 million. Surprisingly, Mikasa scraped by at 11th place with a mere 50.6 million that put her barely ahead of Jean Kirstein. Come on people, where are your priorities?!

So what does the Arima Kinen race entail for our cast? We'll have to wait for the December 11th unveiling on the official homepage to know for sure. In the meantime, we've got bigger mysteries to attend to. Volume 12 of the manga dropped today in Japan, and people have been fighting over the copies circulating around the office. 

Speaking of which... looks like it's my turn in line. If you need me, I’ll be hacking through the Forest of Giant Trees looking for clues to the Beast Titan's true identity 

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