Review: Mamama-style GUMI from Megpoid Whisper 1/8 Complete Figure from Aquamarine

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This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews. There is aleady rocking figure of Mamama's Native GUMI, but today we are looking at Aquamarine's offering in her V3 Whisper outfit. They are very different figures, but one thing that remains constant is GUMI's sex appeal. Let's dig in!

Mamama-style GUMI from Megpoid Whisper 1/8 Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

For starters, she is raising the other hand in the Native version. Put them face to face and you would have a near mirror reflection. Her chest is superb, but what really grabs me is the skirt hanging loosely by suspenders! 

Another big difference from the Native GUMI is that this one is wearing a jacket and hiding her shoulders. The skin exposure is balanced out by giving us a hefty helping of under-boob and tummy instead. The texture of her top looks just like real latex being given a hardcore elasticity test. You can almost see the slack suspenders bouncing up and down as she poses. Kudos on this sculpt!

GUMI's chest is just as round and full as the singing voice it supports. The great thing about virtual idols is that they don't need to conform to the laws of physics or biology. Case in point--those massive melons on an otherwise childlike torso. She has all my moe bases covered and then some!

The back offers a better view of her spiky short cut and outfit. You'll have to pick her up for yourself to see what lies within the skirt, though.

It seems like her skirt, with its realistic pleats, is cut from the same material as her top. The jacket's folds make it seem very thick and hefty. Her accessories got just as much attention to detail and leave nothing to be desired. Just like her clothing, the skin texture on this figure is outstanding and needs to be touched to be believed. 

Here's a slightly higher angle. Simply calling this cleavage doesn't do GUMI any justice, so let's go with "exotic ravine." The upper portion is hidden by her tie, but rather than diverting attention it calls for more. But if given the choice I'd rather trip and fall to my death in the gorge between her skirt and bellybutton.

Rather than perfectly spherical fun bags, hers are slightly oblong from getting squeezed by her tight top. This is a level of reality only achievable from MMD models!

Turning down the lights always turns up the heat. This is one GUMI I wouldn't mind getting stuck between my teeth! You don't want to miss her, but just make sure to stuff your nose with tissue before unboxing!

Mamama-style GUMI from Megpoid Whisper 1/8 Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

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